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Robert Frost and The Road Not Taken

             Thesis: Frost's use of imagery, metaphors, and tone in "The Road Not Taken " work together to support the theme and illustrate the universal truth that life is full of hard choice, but people shouldn't regret the road they have taken but enjoy the fact they are able to travel a road at all.
             Body Paragraphs.
             I. Frosts use of imagery in "The Road Not Taken " is essential when trying to understand the theme behind the poem.
             A. The use of visual imagery draws users in.
             1. "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both".
             2. The reader feels they are at the same fork, forced to decide what choice to make.
             B. Frost uses imagery to support the overall theme of the poem which is decision making.
             1. The description of the roads shows us the choices the speaker is presented with.
             2. Allows the reader to feel like we are faced with the same decision.
             II. Metaphors are one of the more important literary devices Frost uses to support the main theme of the poem, which is making a choice.
             A. Frost uses an extended metaphor, in this case a road to represent peoples journey through life.
             1. The third stanza the speaker thinks to himself that he can come back to the first road another day.
             2. Everyday we a faced with difficult choices to make.
             B. Frost uses the fork in the road to symbolize the choices that we are faced with along the way.
             1. The speaker has two roads to choice from.
             2. The decision is difficult because the roads are seemingly identical. .
             III. Frosts use of tone helps us better understand the meaning and theme of the poem.
             A. The tone in the first three stanzas is apprehension and confusion.
             1. The speaker does not want to pick the wrong road.
             2. Both roads seem Identical.
             B. The tone in the fourth stanza truly shows us the meaning of the poem.
             1. The speaker's tone is confident and certain.
             2. The speakers tone conveys frost point that we don't have to regret a choice we make.
             In conclusion, Frosts use of imagery, metaphors, and tone work together to show the readers of his poem that although you will face daunting decisions in you life there is no need for regret.

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