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Robert Frost and The road not taken

             Robert Lee Frost, born in San Francisco, March 26 1874, died January 29, 1963. Frost was one Americas greatest poets and a four-time recipient on the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. Frost married his co-valedictorian Elinor White. They both attended Lawrence High School in Massachusetts. Frost did everything from teach school, work in mills and even attended Harvard as a special student but never to obtain a degree. At the age of 38 he moved his family to England where he could devote himself to his poetry. Later Frost would settle down on a farm in Franconia N.H. "The road not taken" is one of Frost best and most famous poems.
             Choices are never easy; people face many of them in a lifetime. Robert Frost's " The road not taken" is a first person narrative poem about a monumental decision in the narrators life. He is faced with the choice of a moment that will affect the outcome of his life. While traveling on a country road the narrator comes to a point where two paths diverge. These two paths symbolize a choice in his life, a choice that once is made can not be undone. Frost chooses the path less taken.
             Life can be metaphorically related to a journey through the woods. As a path may twist, turn and "bend around the undergrowth"(5), consequences of choices made in the present may not become evident till far into the future. These choices may not be easy. The best you can do is look as far as you can down each path and choose. Frost's choices both lead to a "Yellow wood"(1), but one seemed to want wear and had " Perhaps the better claim"(7).
             Frost, thinking he may comeback another day to explore the other path, later realizes "Way leads on to way"(14) and that day will never come. As choices cannot be undone so can't past choices be explored. We will never know what would have been if only if . only what is, and maybe what will, or will never be. Today's choices are tomorrow's stories and the paths we take are the content.

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