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Pow Wow Highway Racial Analysis

            Although the Civil Rights Movement happened over 50 yr. ago, racial harassment is still predominant today. Usually when people think of racism, they tend to think of white on black, or vice versa. However, Indians have their fair share of discrimination as well, as displayed in "Pow Wow Highway".
             Philbert Bono and Buddy Red Bow are life long friends, and members of the Cheyenne Native American Tribe. Philbert and Buddy walk into an electronics store and attempt to buy the most expensive radio for their car. The owner, a white man, tried to talk them out of buying it, assuming that because they were Indians they wouldn't be able to afford it. After a small quarrel with the man, they ended up buying the radio. They were going through hard times, as was the reservation, but there was no way that the store owner would know that from just one look at the men.
             On another one of their adventures, Philbert and Buddy ran into another non-Indian. Having the hard head he does, Buddy began arguing with the man. It did not become violent until the man called Buddy "chief". Even though Buddy started the dispute, that did not give the man the right to call Buddy whatever he felt, and this is what he failed to realize.
             Again, Buddy got into a fight with a group of people, but this time these were Indians from another tribe. The Indians were hassling two of Buddy's friends. Buddy stood up for them, with Philbert by his side. This wasn't necessarily racial harassment, but if Buddy had been a member of the same tribe as the men, the clash most likely wouldn't have happened under the circumstances.
             Racial harassment can come from anyone, even someone from your own race, like shown in the last paragraph. If we as people want to overcome this, we have to swallow our pride, get off our high horses, and try not to pass quick judgment over others, and only then, can we live in true racial harmony.

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