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Racial Profiling

             Racial Profiling--the routine of pulling over Black and Hispanic drivers based solely on race first became publicized a few years ago. For Black and Hispanic drivers, a decade ago the New Jersey Turnpike came to be known as the "White Man's Pass." Many suspected that minorities were indeed being pulled over and searched by the state police far more than whites (Kit 2001). When the term originated it added to an infamous history of being a through way for drugs and contraband to the criminal marts in the northeast (Derbyshire 2001). The Purpose of this report is to inform the reader about racial profiling in New Jersey, cases involving it, the D.E.A.'s involvement and current governmental efforts to end this practice.
             "White Man's Pass".
             The career for the term seems to have started in 1994, but sparked in 1998 when two white New Jersey Troopers pulled over a van for speeding near Trenton, New Jersey. Inside were four occupants who were all black or Hispanic heading toward a basketball tryout at a North Carolina college in aspiration of obtaining a scholarship. When the van unexpectedly reversed toward them, officers fired eleven shots wounding three of the inhabitants. Troopers James Kenna and John Hogan then became the poster boys for the end to racial profiling lobbying, facing the same disgrace as the LAPD in the Rodney King case (Derbyshire 2001). The state of New Jersey recently agreed to pay close to $13 million to end the lawsuit filed from the three victims of the traffic stop. They sued accusing the troopers of shooting at them without provocation (Jet 2001). Soon after, Colonel Carson Joseph Dunbar Jr., the first black New Jersey State Police Superintendent and former member of the FBO offered his apology to the four motorists or anyone who has been a victim of racial profiling stating "I want to apologize to. Anyone that has not been treated with professional courtesy to my people for what they had to endure.

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