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Alcohol Targets

             You might not know his but alcohol ads target every age group that is just about eighteen and over. There are three main groups that are targeted are eighteen to twenty-five, twenty-six through thirty-five and finally thirty-six and over. Ads directed towards anyone eighteen to twenty-five are usually active and high energy. Then the ads for anyone who is twenty-six to thirty-five are advertised through casual get together. For the older people over thirty-six they advertise them drinking more expensive alcohol beverages. For example:.
             High-energy young people target the ages eighteen through twenty-five. In this add there are two young people that seem to be having a great time. This particular ad displays a man showing affection to the woman next to him. The affection is displayed by what seems to be his arm around her and a kiss on the lower right jaw. He has his eyes closed and the woman receiving the kiss seems to be looking at the ski and a smile that seems to go from ear to ear. The man face seems rugged, bold and excited. The woman is very attractive with a very pretty face. To me this is something that display and insinuates the fact that in order to have a good time will be better enjoyed if, the product that is advertise is consumed. Their slogan used to advertise the product is: "READY. SET. GO."" Most popular to the younger crowed with racing. This phrase is popular at the drags located in Thunder Ally. Under these simple words can be found fun, excitement, and danger. The positive side to this ad is that the young people are not actually seen consuming the product its self. Its main focus is the younger people having fun and then the alcohol. Color is not a big factor they used black and white for the lettering and gold black and very little red for the actual displaying of the bottle. This advertisement like most other ones displays young people having a good time. That's the bad part.

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