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Alcohol/Drug Abuse

             Today alcohol is accepted in a social gathering or in a rich environment. Only the rich drink the best wine and champagnes but, abusing alcohol is look down on. The people that are affected by this issue are the ones that inherit the alcoholic genes. If the DEA were to get rid of alcohol sales than there wouldn't be as many homeless people, abuse, and/or rapes. Many people of the United States today don't believe for a need to ban alcohol. As I said it is seen as a substance to enjoy during gatherings or special occasions. In today society alcohol abuse is treated with Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and special therapy sessions, so everybody who drinks, but is not an alcoholic, doesn't believe in any banning. The percent of people who this applies to is a huge population of our country.
             This issue is very important to our society today for the cause of lowering a percentage of a various selection of bad things that go on in the states, such as car crashes, rapes etc. The United States today regulates this by not selling alcoholic beverages to citizens who are not the age of 21 or older. The government doesn't allow any televised advertisements of alcoholic beverages as well. This is so it doesn't target to younger people and lowers the interests of these teens to pick up a drink and turn into an alcoholic. .
             The people that fight for these causes are such groups as Alcoholics Anonymous. They stand up for the people who are alcoholics and try to turn them away of the evils that it may bring. They also discourage anybody and everybody to not pick up a drink and get started, but are not so much fighting for the banning of the product. Programs like D.A.R.E. tells kids from an early age how bad drugs and alcohol can be, so they know when that time comes for their first party or event that evolve such substances. .
             No success has really shown in anybodies fight against alcohol/drugs. People may keep on trying but in the long run, it most likely will never happen.

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