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Cat or Dog: Choosing on the Pet That's Right for You

            Have you ever thought about getting a pet? What about a cat? What about a dog? both animals are great to have around the house, but before you start running to the nearest pet store you might want to think about all the details that tag along. Choosing a cat or dog for a pet is easy if you think about what the most important qualities in each pet are to you. Whether it be the way "Whiskers" sweetly brushes up against your leg in the early evenings or the way "spike" stops at nothing to perform all the great tricks you taught him. It all depends on what you want in a pet.
             Both animals, like all pets, need to be loved and taken care of by their owners. i don't have to tell you that cats and dogs come chained with resposibilities such as feeding, watering, cleaning up after, exercising (maily for dogs), and occasionally petting and playing. If you are going to keep your pet inside, don't forget that potty training is one of the first things you'll want to teach your pet. Showing your dog how to scratch the door when he/she has to do his/her business is an easy trick to training. Try to always keep your cat's litter box in the same place an it will save you from cleaning those nice spots out of the carpet. if you are going to keep your per outside protect him/her from those pesky fleas. This could help your pet from being hostile.
             Having a pet has good sides along with bad. A lot of cats love to be lazy and lie around or most of the day. Ever so often you'll see them get up to get a bite to eat or to chase the shadows on the wall. you could see them running into the window because they're trying to catch those taunting birds. Cute, huh? Cats aren't really all that hard to please. As long as you give them a place to sleep and a bite to eat they stay pretty satisfied. But, cats aren't always innocent! Don't be surprised when you come home to see your favorite chair with lots of little claw marks in it or when your curious cat bites through an electrical cord.

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