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A Midsummer Night's Dream Character Analysis

            A Midsummer Night's Dream: Character Analysis.
             There are many characters presented in the play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream," and all of them play crucial roles in the play's development. Besides the main characters, there are many smaller roles that contribute enormous amounts to the plot and setting of this comedy.
             Oberon is the king of the forest, and is very powerful- possibly the most powerful in the play. It can almost be said that he is the one who develops the plot because he is the one who sets the play in motion with the love potion and magic spells.
             Throughout the play, Oberon is fighting with Titania, and it seems as the whole setting is completely unbalanced. The impression he gives is that he is all- knowing and all- powerful, however he does not prevent Puck from making the mistakes that brings upon confusion of the four young lovers. .
             By the way he reacts with Titania, the reader thinks that Oberon is a jealous and spiteful being. However, he aims to please, hoping to unite the lovers in harmony, as well as himself and Titania.
             His speech plays a large part of importance in the play, speaking the language of Shakespeare through beautiful poetic words. He has knowledge of botany, because the love potion came from a flower, which he knew of. .
             The fairy queen, Titania, is a very commanding woman. She is strong and will not give in to Oberon, who is trying to take the indian boy away from her. She is not as knowledgeable with magic as Oberon is, but she is one of the main powerful figures in the forest. She will not put up with any of Oberon's nonsense, and when he trys to romance her, she turns him away.
             The commonality that Oberon and Titania share deals with language. She is a poet, just as Oberon is. When she speaks about certain things, such as the waves or air, these objects seem to be acual living, breathing creatures.
             Many believe that Puck is the most important character in the play.

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