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Visual Effects

             "How do they do that !" This is the big question in the minds of fascinated movie audiences worldwide watching a well-made special effects (visual effects) movie. Humans fly, prehistoric dinosaurs come back to life, space ships engage in battles, volcanoes erupt inside cities etc. Then, another question comes to mind, is there a limit to what the effects people can achieve on screen?.
             In fact, we are venturing into an era where technology is no longer a limitation to bringing magic onto the screen. Only imagination is. .
             I believe visual effect is both an art and a science. The science part involves the complete understanding of how the audio-visual sensory part of our body and brain perceive the reality around us, whereas the art part involves the strategic use of this information to deceive the sensory system.
             Almost any Hollywood movie that we see today uses visual effects, which make the imaginary look completely real. "Visual effects help enhance the look of a movie or create scenery and situations that cannot (or do not) exist in real life. The only way to create these scenes is through an amazing set of tools and technologies that let imaginary look totally real." (Marshall, "How Centropolis FX Creates Visual Effects") .
             What is surprising at this point is that almost every Hollywood movie produced today contains visual effects of some sort. During the research, I could find that it takes an amazing array of technology, as well as talent on the part of the artists, technicians and managers, to create the incredible movies that look so real on the big screen.
             When it comes to the short history of movie;.
             Originally moving picture film was shot at various speeds using hand-cranked cameras; then the speed for mechanized cameras and projectors was standardized at 16 frames per second, which was faster than much existing hand-cranked footage. A new standard speed, 24 frames per second, came with the introduction of sound.

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