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Visual and Aural Effects in Waiting for Superman

            Some Americans know that the educational system of today is broken and can correct itself with the help of powerful leaders to change the status quo in servicing children with their educational needs. Even with this knowledge parents do not take the time to actually put in effort for the success in their child's education. In the documentary by Davis Guggenheim, Waiting for Superman produced by Paramount Vantage, we look at the extraordinary parents that prioritize their kids' educational values. The film impacts the way parents view education and how educational leaders need to provide a better learning system than what is in effect today. Guggenheim argues to make a change in educational systems across America through the films' effective claims and outstanding visual and aural stimulation.
             The whole film is centered on the fact that we can make a difference in the educational systems of America. The main claim that Guggenheim states is the last words printed on the screen before the credits roll, "The educational system is broken but we can fix it given time." Present throughout the whole film are ways schools can change into becoming more efficient to produce highly skilled individuals like most privileged children and even better. Charter schools and the works of Michelle Rhee, the superintendent of schools in Washington D.C., prove that there are possibilities in making high functioning school systems. Another major claim that Guggenheim makes in the film is how most children's education is put on a luck-based system for an increased learning environment. The documentary interviews many children in poverty or in tough financial situations that cannot afford boarding schools or privately owned schools. These families provide evidence to why we need a change and why parents put their kids in a raffle for better education. The film is not completely unbiased by the evidence used in the documentary helps the cause for a better educational system.

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