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Miss Piggy and Antigone

            I believe that Sophocle's Antigone can be compared to Miss Piggy, a character created by Jim Henson. Although Antigone is from an earlier time period 441BC, both characters share similar personality traits yet differ in their family background. .
             Miss Piggy and Antigone where both raised differently. Miss Piggy was nurtured within a happy family atmosphere. In contrast, Antigone has experienced a "whole range of sufferings" throughout her life, from her family's misfortune. Her two brothers who fought on opposite sides murdered each other, and her father stabbed his own eyes realizing he had married his mother. .
             Miss Piggy and Antigone both grew up in a time of male dominance and influence But unlike Antigone who is living in a man's world where they have all the "power", Miss Piggy lives in a time where men are some what more tolerant, yet still treat women as inferior. If a man is being chauvinistic to Miss Piggy, she will not hesitate to hit him with her purse or use her karate chop. Like Antigone, Miss Piggy is independent, strong and uses her own mind. Ismene tells Antigone that they are only "women" and should not "take on men". Antigone does not listen to her obeying sister, as she is not scared of Creon. Nothing will stop her from burying her brother. She believes that she is right and will be "glad to die in the attempt". .
             Miss piggy and Antigone possess similar qualities. Both characters are strong willed and stubborn, but also loyal, honorable women that will fight for what they believe in. Miss Piggy displays this through her endless commitment for Kermit, even if it means going against authority. For example in one episode, Miss piggy saves a wrongfully accused Kermit by punching a policeman who is after him. She steals the policeman's bike and they escape. She acts on instinct and does what she thinks is morally right. Antigone in comparison rejects Creon's authority, by disobeying his order and burying her brother.

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