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Recipe of Life

            What kind of food do you like most? Do you know how much sugar you have to put, and how long you have to boil or fry ingredients to make best taste? We cook everyday. Sometimes we burn out all the ingredients, and sometimes we find out the best taste by chance. Even though we fail to serve the best dinner for tonight, we have tomorrow night. Even if we have to eat instant food tonight because we are so busy, we can have gorgeous dinner on weekend. Who cares? How about our life? We also cook our life everyday. We try to add some happiness or love to our life, but we try to take sadness or anxiousness out of our life. Do we have chance more than once? All of us have only one chance. This book, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Caf? is the recipe to make our life better. When we get old enough to judge our live at the end, this book will help us to say to ourselves "I've done good job in my life? .
             In this book, the author, Fannie Flagg, tells us three secret recipes about our life; how important being ourselves is, how we can find our real life, and how to help each other through our life. To show these secrets, the author builds up one small ideal world in the small town, Whistle Stop, and by using a newspaper from Dot Weems, the author wants to make us feel like a real member of that ideal society. Let's follow her invitation to find out what the secrets of life are. .
             Let's take a look at the first secret recipe, how important being ourselves is. What I mean by saying being ourselves is standing up what we believe in or sharing what we are thinking without being afraid. In this novel, Idgie sets an awesome example of why it is important to be ourselves. By being together with Ruth, she shows that if we stay true to ourselves, someone will get to know our feeling. When Idgie comes to know that Ruth is being abused by the husband, Frank, she finds a way to rescue Ruth to win her love.

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