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Light it Up

             Many scientists say that vices are what separate the human population from their animal counterparts. Humans have this blatant desire to use or acquire things that they do not directly need to survive. Animals on the other hand acquire only the basic necessities for which they need to fulfill their purpose in life. The only things our friends in the animal kingdom need to survive are shelter, food, and water. We as humans also require these essential elements to live, but we also have foolish wants. We are obsessed with these pointless desires. Cigarettes and tobacco fall into this category. Not only are these products unnecessary to survive, they also contribute to our demise. Yet, we partake in their use even though they carry serious risks. We will still puff away on our Marlboro's and Newport's as if they are the essence of life. As a smoker trying to quit, I understand the overwhelming temptation of cigarettes. With the full knowledge of the risks, those initiated into the secret society of tobacco will still light up and soothe the monotony of life. .
             Most take for granted the large investment that is cigarettes. With a price close to the opening stock value of most small businesses, cigarettes are a huge venture. My uncle Hector knows this fact all to well. Smoking over two packs a day, quickly eats into the small pay he does receive. To survive his hard days, he walks the streets of New York searching for any who can lend him a "square." It is quite pathetic to see a young man of 35, roaming the streets searching for a way to pacify his endless need for a cigarette. The lure of tobacco is appealing to your mind, but not your pocket.
             The true appeal of cigarettes comes in the form of relaxation of emotions. Having a problem at work? Light one up. Depressed about your girlfriend leaving you? Light one up. Once you become stuck in this endless cycle, you begin to associate smoking every time you feel any emotion.

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