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Julius and Octavian Caesar

             He was brought up in nobility, and he learned how to fight. At 15, he became interested in politics. He had a tough childhood, because he was epileptic and very vain. .
             Caesar was admitted to the lifelong Senate after being a soldier for a number of years. The elite didn't accept him, so he turned to campaign for the poor. Caesar became the supreme priest, but he wanted to be higher in the Senate, so he joined together with two wealthy Romans, Crassus and Pompey. With these two as friends, he became consul. One year later, he became a governor of Roman territory. .
             Caesar started many battles so he could say he had many triumphs. He was a great general, but got little support from Rome in his battles. Caesar declared war on Rome, mainly against Pompey. A civil war raged, and Caesar defeated Pompey. .
             In 46 BC, Caesar became dictator. He was elected for 10 years, which was later changed to a dictator for life. While he was a dictator, he increased the number of Senators, got a calendar straightened out, and he named the month of July for himself. .
             Caesar was murdered on the Ides of March (March 15), in 44 BC. His fellow Senators murdered him. His successor was Octavian. Mark Antony, Caesar's best friend, was jealous of Octavian, and plotted to take over the Roman empire. .
             Octavian was young, and he became a Senator. Antony revolted against Octavian for the role as Roman dictator, so they went to war. Antony was defeated. After this, Octavian demanded that he be made consul, and his wish was granted. Augustus needed an ally, and he called on Mark Antony. Together, they had many battles, and defeated Caesar's assassins at the Battle of Philippi. The empire was divided between Octavian and Antony, with Antony in the East, and Octavian in the West. .
             Their friendship didn't last long, and Antony and Octavian went to war. At the battle of Actium, Augustus defeated Antony. Antony committed suicide, and Augustus returned to Rome.

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