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Stolen Generation

             1 Gathered information regarding my topic. Resources included three novels, Earth by Bruce Pascoe, Long time now by Alf Taylor and Shark by Bruce Pascoe. Three short stories including, The rainbow serpent by James Cowan, Gularabulu by Paddy Roe and The stolen generation by Justin Healey. There is also a list of other sources found in the bibliography at the back of the report. .
             1.2 Wrote letters to the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander commission, the Indigenous affairs Minister (the Hon A J Carpenter), and to the department of Indigenous affairs.
             1.3 Designed a survey, which I then asked a variety of questions on the topic of "The Aboriginal Society" to a range of different aged people.
             1.4 Reviewed notes, surveys and other information that I have accumulated regarding my topic to produce this report.
             2.0 Objectives.
             2.1 To understand the views of society's attitude towards Australia's indigenous people.
             2.2 To try and find a solution to rectify societies negative attitudes.
             2.3 To help people have a better understanding of the aboriginal culture, in aim to eliminate racism in our country.
             3.0 Nature & Extent Of The Problem.
             3.1 Aboriginal people were living in Australia for at least 50,000 years before the European Settlers arrived, their entire way of life was perfectly suited to the land in which they lived, and they enjoyed a rich culture.
             3.2 The Europeans invaded the country and took over by appointing a Government making new laws and leasing or setting the land for farming and mining. Within the first few decades of the arrival of Europeans, the life of many aboriginal Australians was being rapidly changed. The settlers thought the indigenous people to be ignorant and their habitat primitive. The expansion of European occupation created conflict all along the way. The invasion of the land created battles with many being murdered. The population decreased from 353,000-80,000 in 1788. According to the Europeans law the land belonged to Britain.

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