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The Effects of American Culture toward Japanese culture

            American culture is such a part of other cultures that it is often difficult to tell where one begins and the other ends. Japanese culture altered Japanese culture dramatically. One of the effects caused by the impact of American culture in Japan can be seen in the Japanese diet. Secondly, Japanese tend to learn how to choose and wear their outfits from Americans. Finally, the adoption of American medias concepts and policies is common with Japanese media. American culture has brought a lot of effects in Japanese culture. .
             First, an American meal is a part of a Japanese meal. For example, the introduction of McDonald's and indigenous fast food restaurants reflects changes in the Japanese diet, eating behaviors and social patterns. According to Ethnology, Many Japanese, and especially younger Japanese, are unaware that McDonald's is not a Japanese company; and therefore, McDonald's and other fastfood establishments, rather than providing a symbol of the exotic foreign or nonJapanese other, have become ubiquitous establishments that serve important needs and tastes of the Japanese within their own culture(Traphagan and Brown 119). Eating and social patterns within such establishments suggest that they provide opportunities for intergenerational commensality, conviviality and intimacy that are less evident in some of the traditional Japanese fast food establishments, where snacks and meals likewise are quickly served and quickly consumed.
             Second, Japanese tend to long for Americanized clothing styles. Japanese women are rapidly adopting western fashion standards even though these may not necessarily suit their bodies or looks. According to Newsweek, When the American idea of dressing down on "casual Friday" first arrived in Japan about five years ago(Itoi 40). For example, my Japanese friends and I used to purchase Hip Hop magazines and magazines that have Hollywood stars, and we tried to find out attractive outfits.

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