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(pro)Violence in videogames

            Violence in video games and in the media has been a very controversial issue to researchers. Kids are now more violent and hostile than ever before. There are hate crimes, beatings, murders; everything an adult could do, a kid can now do. This uprising in violence of kids is blamed on the media and mostly the video game industry. One side to this argument is that video games have become too violent and too realistic to allow them into society today. The other side is that video games have a very small effect on children and violence, and that society turns kids to violence. .
             Being an avid gamer, I believe that video games do not have much of an effect on the kids of today. I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. I believe that video games benefit people in many ways. Whether people learn from them, entertain themselves, or improve coordination and skills, they are helpful. People against this theory have some statistics behind them, but once the real situation is seen opinions may be changed.
             The first benefit to video games is learning. Many video games are very educational. As a child I used to play a game on the computer called Barney Bear and later on a game called the Brain. In Barney Bear, I learned colors and things such as memory and spelling. I played the Brain when I was about 10 and it taught me more advanced memory, the elements, and just tried to speed up the thought process. And the company made it fun at the same time.
             The second benefit to playing video games is entertainment. I believe that video games, which may be graphic or violent, actually causes kids to stay out of trouble. How often do you see mothers or baby-sitters putting kids in front of the TV or video games to keep them occupied and quiet while they do something else? Modern kids whom aren't playing video games are skateboarding dangerously, are roaming the streets, and are getting into all sorts of trouble.

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