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Obesity on the Rise

             Within the last twelve years, the rate of obesity among American adults has increased 60%. Most overweight Americans attribute their extra pounds to genetic factors; .
             however, lifestyles are the contributing factor to this social problem. Although we live in the.
             land of opportunity, which brings forth new innovations and technology, American's ignorance, .
             sedentary lifestyle, and culture are the factors which have shaped the United States into being the most obese country in the world.
             While genetic factors may increase the risk for excess fat, they are not sufficient enough.
             to explain the increasingly high rate of obesity in the United States. Many Americans find.
             themselves being obese because they are unaware of all of the factors that contribute to.
             obesity. For example, most people who find themselves overweight acquire unhealthy.
             eating habits, such as eating only one meal a day or eating only fat-free foods. Even though.
             these people believe such eating habits will help them lose weight, in all actuality, their.
             ignorance can cause them irreversible long term damage. Also, overweight people tend to be.
             incognizant of the dangers that come with being overweight. Some people who are overweight.
             do not realize that their weight problem could be attributed to physical or psychological problems and simply conform to the fact that they are overweight rather than seek help. .
             Furthermore, America's problem with obesity is also due to the sedentary lifestyle most.
             Americans lead. Unlike Europeans, who walk just about everywhere, Americans enjoy the luxury of driving everywhere. While Europeans would find themselves walking a couple of miles a day to work and back, Americans would merely find themselves walking to their mailbox. In addition, most adults find themselves sitting all day at work and then coming home to relax in front of the television set. Furthermore, during leisure time, both children and adults surf the Internet, play video games, or listen to the radio rather than participate in sports, do yard-work, or do chores around the house.

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