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             Each year thousands of people will consume large dietary calories while sitting on a couch without any physical activity. Is it in this that obesity occurs or is it a mere genetic effect? The fact is, is that it's not only genetics but rather the behavior and environment that obesity is on the rise among Americans. Dating back to as early as 1908, in the United States, body fat was unfashionable. In the subsequent years many indexes were established to measure body fat. From these indexes and scales the terms overweight and obesity became more relevant. Standards were set among men and woman to generalize the term obesity. From these Standards America rises Five percent each year in the amount of obese people. It is estimated that by the year 2010 America will reside more than sixty percent of the Worlds obesity.
             To begin, behavior in it's self can contribute to thousands of cases of obesity each year. When consuming too many calories while not receiving enough physical activity obesity becomes the result. In fact, many will agree that this results in obese development but neglect to even acknowledge the truth. To explain, Anne Collins, a dietician, reveals that United States obesity rates have reached epidemic proportions due to the fact that seventy-eight percent of Americans do not even meet the basic activity level recommendations. As well as, American adults on average consume thirty-four .
             percent of dietary fat (www.healthgoods.com). Obviously, if we combine these two attributes, it should be very clear too much calorie consumption and not enough physical fitness will result in obesity. .
             Moreover, when we consider the things that drive our behavior we delve into some of the roots of behavioral obesity. How often do American's pick up a Twinky or bag of chips simply because they are bored? How often does one choose to stuff their.

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