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            A young boy named Chris worked in a grocery store. Chris had just started at the new store and was having a little bit of trouble on the register. One day right before the Christmas Holiday Chris had to work all day long. He had the longest line out of all the other cashiers. Although, Chris the day before was short ten dollars on his register and the boss was mad, he was working today. One man came up and purchased many items. Chris had to pack them all by himself as well. He was struggling with this order and he wanted to leave. When Chris finished the order he totaled it up. The total was two hundred and ten dollars. Chris rushed in giving the man change because his line was just getting longer. As Chris gave me man his change the man looked at it and noticed he had given him fifty dollars extra so the man rushed out. Chris did not know this and if the boss would find out he would be fired. A little later the man came back and told the boy "Sir you gave me twenty dollars extra." Chris took the money and said "Oh my God.I needed that or else I would probably be fired." The man came back just a bit later and talked to the manager. They discussed how Chris had given the wrong change. Chris had saw the man talking to the manager and was very nervous. Then the man told the manager he was rushing Chris and it wasn"t his fault. The manager came over to Chris and told him to be more careful with his change. Chris nodded his head. The man saved Chris knew that the man saved him from being fired and even knew that he even lied for him.

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