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Coaching Theory

             The sport that I would like to coach someday would be Varsity High School Baseball. The age group would range between 14 to 18 years old. I want to coach this age group because a high school coach can have a huge impact on a kid's life during a very vulnerable time in his life. Any coach has the power to change a kid's life forever, that is why I want to coach. I have had many horrible coaches who have failed in this department and I will remember them forever, for the good or the bad. I believe that a coach has the biggest influence on the athletes next to their parents. .
             Coaching is a way to be involved with people's desires and passions forever. High school kids come out for baseball because they love the game and want to play. I hope to help them grow in their skills at the game physically and mentally. Baseball, and any sport for that matter, is more mental than physical. I do believe that baseball is the most mental sport there is. I will make sure that each player knows his individual role to make the team successful. Baseball is a team sport that needs everyone on the same page. A team can have all the talent in the world but if they do not have a leader or mentally strong players, they will not win. Winning is very important to me. Winning will not be the only goal of our team but definitely a main priority. Developing a player mentally and physically will be just as important as winning to me. They will learn life lessons from how I will treat the players. I will make practices very challenging and fun at the same time for the players. Players will remember playing for me for the rest of their lives. Hopefully, it will be a positive experience, instead of a negative one. .
             I believe each person should have ownership of the team and an equal voice to be heard. This would be similar to the cooperative style of coaching. Such a philosophy is used by Coach K. of Duke.

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