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Coaching styles

            Coaching Styles and their Factors Affecting .
             This assignment will be looking at the methods of coaching in the sport of Cricket and the relevant factors, which affect the performance. Finding out the different styles of coaching/ teaching used in Cricket, for beginners through to advanced players, comparing the theories of the different styles and assessing them will be my aim for the assignment. Also identified will be the different outcomes in Cricket from each of the different coaching styles used, therefore allowing me to identify the best style and why it would be most appropriate. .
             There are four main types of "coaching- styles (shown below). The style adopted by a coach will depend on the situation and circumstances under which coach is put in. Also shown are different types of guidance. The type of guidance used is based on the learners and the activity being learnt:.
             Command Style - Coach gives direct instructions, which are to be followed exactly. Often used when dealing with large groups or in potentially dangerous situations. .
             Reciprocal Style - Learning from each other, pair work. Needs close monitoring otherwise incorrect techniques may be adopted. Performer has to have the communication and analysis skills this style demands. .
             Problem Solving - Students are given guidelines and a problem which ahs to be worked out. Some help and guidance is used. This is more suited to the skilled performer or group. .
             Guided Discovery - The student is allowed to explore certain areas of their sport with minimal guidance. Not effective with large groups and also time-consuming. .
             Visual Guidance - Things the students can see to help him/her with there sport i.e. demonstrations, video images, visual aids such as posters, manuals, etc.
             Verbal Guidance - the coach tells the student to guide him/her. Beginners often have problems with verbal guidance, as they may not understand, especially technical aspects of the skill.

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