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Hoosiers and the Ripple Effect

            The definition of "ripple effect," according to our text, is "a chain reaction that begins in one part of a system and spreads across an entire system." In the movie Hoosiers, one can see an example of the Ripple Effect take place within the townspeople. With the team's star player not returning, there are many opinions and suggestions being made as to how the Hickory Huskers should be coached. When the new coach Norman Dale seems to brush the opinions of the townspeople away, they become hostile and agitated with him. George Walker, who is the obvious leader of the concerned townspeople, decides that he will step in and become the assistant coach. When George is denied the role of assistant coach, there is immediate hostility. George rallies fellow parents and townspeople to observe practices and gets them riled up about the new coaching techniques Coach Dale uses. When Coach Dale decides to recruit the town drunk as his assistant coach, George convinces the people to go as far as taking a vote to get Coach Dale removed from his position. The anger and frustration from one person ended up radiating throughout an entire town, and although some people may have never acted on their feelings, the actions of one man caused the Ripple Effect of actions through many. The Ripple Effect doesn't always lead to a negative outcome. At the town meeting to have the coach voted out of his position, Myra Fleener, who is a fellow teacher at Hickory High, stands before the people and tells them that she believes that Coach Dale deserves to stay. With Myra being the caretaker of Jimmy Chitwood, the boy who was the star player, some of the townspeople start to rethink their voting decisions. After Myra's speech, Jimmy himself stands up and says that he will play for the team, but only if the new coach stays, this immediately makes most of the people want to change their votes and keep Coach Dale.

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