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In Support of Human Cloning

            The world that we live in is constantly changing. Evolutionary ideas are brought about and tested on every day. This fast paced change ultimately leads to a conflict of interest, where people tend to form opinions on whether an idea is ethical or not. One of the evolutionary ideas that is currently causing a controversy in our society is cloning. Cloning is the creation of a cell, cell product or organism that is genetically identical to the unit from which it derived. There are numerous people in the world who believe that a ban should be placed on cloning but those in favor of cloning beg to differ with this idea. What people fail to realize is that the world that we live in is so advanced that placing any forms of restriction on cloning would hinder any further evolution.
             The art of cloning is a very broad one, and scientists use different components of this category in order to benefit everyday life. An example of this is Stem Cell research, a form of cloning where scientists use stem cells for transplants or treatment of diseases. Secondly, opponents of human cloning are calling for a ban on cloning despite the means by which funding is obtained. If an institution conducts cloning experiments using private funds then there is no reason why the general public should stop them. Nature makes clones every day, so why it that clones is made in a lab are frowned upon by society. It is assumed that human clones are monstrous perversions of nature. However, chances are you already know a clone in the form of an identical twin. Identical twins are a form of natural clones that share the same DNA but have different fingerprints. The same rule would apply to a scientifically cloned human. So then if identical twins are fully human wouldn't cloned people be as well?.
             The last piece of evidence that supports cloning would be the constitution itself. The first Amendment protects the freedom of the public.

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