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Human Cloning

             Cloning is a relatively new area of interest that has become a hotbed for many bioethical discussions. At this time, most people are ethically against the idea of it. A 1997-Feb CNN poll conducted among 1,005 American adults (with a margin of 3% error), found that 93% of people feel that cloning humans is a bad idea. Also 69% of the survey population are scared of the possible effects of cloning humans. Those against human cloning are seen as scared, weak and uneducated on the topic of cloning. But they have their reasons. Certain religions do not accept them, and due to the overwhelming power the church has, people are conformed into thinking the same way their church does. There are also those who feel that it would be a waste of precious human life to research how to make clones. How many lives would be extinguished before the scientists finally get it right? Since a human clone has not been created (that we know of) we have no way to detect how right or wrong our views are. But the day that we will find out cannot be far off. .
             Since the church has such an overwhelming grasp upon society, what it says goes. The Christian religion has a problem with clones because God does not create them. Since God is the one who creates souls, the cloned person would not have one because God did not create them. The Church of Scotland defines a soul as "weightless, colourless, odourless, has never been detected by any measurement and it may not even exist." And even so, it is still one of the most pressing reasons not to clone. Members of some religious sects, particularly Roman Catholicism, believe that a soul enters the body at the moment of conception, and that the fertilized ovum is in fact a human person with full human rights. Dividing that "baby" in half during an embryo cloning procedure would interfere with God's intent. It is also experimentation on live people. The many cloned zygotes that die after a few cell divisions are lost human beings.

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