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             Conspiracy theorists have argued that the Apollo missions to the moon were faked by N. since the first time they witnessed John Armstrong set foot on the moon. They have come up with what seems like convincing arguments, but the reality is that these arguments are not based on fact just their ideas. I"m going to prove that N.A.S.A. did put man on the moon with the Apollo missions.
             The first hoax theory is probably the most famous one. Why can't you see stars in the pictures on the moon? The answer to this one is really just common sense. Since there is no atmosphere or clouds on the lunar surface, it is very bright. In photography it is very difficult to take a picture of a bright object and a dim object at the same time. If you set a camera to a fast exposure, you will be able to capture the bright object but you will not capture the dim object at all. On the other hand if you set the camera at a slower exposure you will capture the dim object but the bright object will become an overexposed blob. The scientists were not interested in taking pictures of the stars, just the astronauts and the surface of the moon. Therefore they set the camera exposure accordingly.
             For the next point there was a little research that needed to be done. Some people seem to think that the astronauts should have been burned to a crisp by the radiation. They say that the astronauts need about a foot of lead casing to protect themselves from the radiation of solar flare. However Dr. William A. Wheaton a staff scientist at the Infrared Processing Center stated on May 26, 2000 that the type of radiation in space is simply not the same type of radiation that say a nuclear bomb would be exposing you to. Radiation is measured in rems. At 25 rems you start to show symptoms of being exposed to radiation, at 100 rems you start to become ill and at 500 rems you will probably die. Dr. Wheaton went on to say that the astronauts were only exposed to 1 rem of radiation.

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