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Goal Setting

            Goal setting is defined as, "Attaining a specific standard of profficiency on a task, usually within a specified time limit." Goals are categorized into three different areas. The first is subjective, which means just "having fun or participating in exercise." The second category is general goals which includes "winning a championship or making a team." The last category is specific goals which would be improving on one statistics. After in depth testing and observation experts say that setting goals do influence performance. The players strive to reach the goal set and facilitate themselves to accomplish, such as reaching a certain number of statistics.
             The Mechanist Theory describes goal setting better than other theories do. The mechanist theory says that goal setting influences in four ways. The first is that athletes direct their attention and actions towards accomplishing the goal. The second is helps performer mobilize their effort to doing what needs to be done to reach the goal. Thirdly, goal setting will give the athlete prolonged effort and increase their persistancy. And lastly, it allows one to employ new strategies and tactics, this pertains to coaches more than the player.
             There are certain goal setting guidelines that one should follow. The list consists of these, set specific goals, make them difficult but realistic, have them short and long range goals, have goals for practice and for the game and make the goals positive. There is also a list of goals for what not to do when setting them. They are not to have too many to soon, do not make them too general, do not just make them technique related goals and do not fail to modify if needed. .
             Goals can be set by either the coach or the players. When coaches set goals they should record statistics and such to have for seeing improvements and for not accomplishing the goals. A main step in coaches having their teams set goals is the coach needs to step in when a problem arises.

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