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Time Management/Goal Setting

            Time Management and Goal Setting/Critical Thinking.
             Singh - Gender Representation in Tobacco and Alcohol Advertising).
             http://www.subliminalworld.org/full5.htm (J. Hagart - Subliminal World).
             R. Singh and J. Hagart are two individuals that have some great ideas on Gender Representation and Subliminal Messages in advertising. These two web pages that I have read did make me think a lot about advertising. I can't say that I totally agree or totally disagree with either of their writings.
             In the R. Singh writing he wrote that cigarette makers advertise their product by making a person buy their products because of not what the product has to offer (not that cigarette smoking offers anything good) but what the cigarette does for you. He states that the cigarette companies offer that if you smoke their brand, you will feel more independent as a woman, stronger as a man or it will make you look cool and that you will be good looking or be in the "in" crowd.
             I would have to say that I agree with this. I believe that cigarette companies are trying to hide the fact that their product is bad for you. They do put small Surgeon General Warnings on the sides of their products or small warnings on billboard advertisements on the highways or in stores. Their underlying motives are to make money. I don't believe they would make money by stating that their product will kill you or cause serious health damage if you buy and use their product.
             I also looked at the validity of his statements and can say that they are his opinions, however, I have exposed to the same advertisements that he has seen and without doing a study on the subject, I can say that I believe his opinions to be fact based on my own knowledge of cigarette company ads.
             Another writing that I have read is J. Hagart's writing on subliminal messages in advertising. This was good reading material as I never looked at advertising in that perspective.

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