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Benefits Of Using Time Management

            Background Paper On Benefits of Using Time Management.
             Have you ever had someone not show up for an appointment that you have scheduled with them? Have you, or someone you supervise, ever missed an important appointment? Have you ever missed a deadline on suspense or tasking? Or simply been unable to find your desk under the mound of paperwork? These are just a few reasons why I will inform you on the benefits of using good time management. First we need to know why is it important for NCOs to be concerned with the significance of time management. I will then cover some techniques that will help to show you how to become better at time management. Then I will speak on the benefits that you can get from following those techniques that I share with you. By doing these things you should become a better manager of your time. We will begin by trying to understand why time management should be important to members of the NCO corp. .
             2. Air Force Instruction 36-2618, The Enlisted Force Structure, reads, "Technical Sergeants will continuously strive to broaden and perfect their professional expertise and supervisory techniques." (Department of : 15) This coincides with our Core Values in asking us to seek "excellence in all we do." We can reason from these quotes that it is our duty to continually improve upon our skills that will help us to plan, organize, and lead our people to accomplish their assigned missions. I am sure that you would agree that time management definitely falls into the categories of professional expertise and supervisory techniques that the Air Force instructs us to attain. This leads us to how we can accomplish this.
             3. An important step that will help you gain control of your time management issues is to make a plan. Dr. Richard N. Osborn, Professor of Management and Organizational Sciences at Wayne State University, and author of Organizational Behavior, defines planning as the "defining of goals, setting specific performance objectives, and identifying the actions needed to achieve them.

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