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Time Management

            Organizational and Time Management Skills.
             Organizing can be viewed as the activities to collect and configure resources in order to implement plans in a highly effective and efficient fashion. Organizing is a broad set of activities, and often considered one of the major functions of management. Time management is an important aspect of organizing and can positively contribute towards great success and stability. Ron Bourque said: "Whether you are the richest or the poorest person on earth, or somewhere in between, we all have at least one thing in common - no one has more than 24 hours in a day, that is why mastery of time is the key to success and happiness." (Bourque, 2002).
             This paper will encompass a review for the article "Learn to take control of the time you have" (Bourque, 2002).
             In order to implement organizational and time management into your life, you need to begin with a personal mission statement. A personal mission statement is a saying that causes you to reflect on what one's importance is and puts your life into prospective. It is a reminder on the goals you have set fourth to do. To come up with a personal mission statement you must look into your life and find your goals or objectives that you want to achieve. You then need to write them down and put it in a place where you will consistently be reminded of your objectives in life. A personal mission statement can benefit you with a positive reinforcement and allow you to align your priorities when you are misguided. When you are searching for your mission statement you first want to assess what priorities are most important. You must find a balance between all aspects of your life and phases you are going though. Remember that your priorities may not be the same in a month or a year; however, they also may stay the same for a few years. For a priority to work you must balance and connect them, for they all interlink with each other.

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