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Roman Values: Rise and Fall of the Republic

            Traditional Roman values greatly helped the rise of the republic. These values gave the Roman people a foundation to build their lives off of as well as a way to guide their thoughts and actions. These values would help make the Roman republic be a successful and happy place to live.
             Rome's extensive expansion all started with the thought that the gods wanted them to dominate the world through military use as well as law. The Roman people were also expected to enhance the world through their social and moral values. Secondly, Romans thought that they received their values from their ancestors. This common belief was known as "mos maiorum", meaning the "way of the ancestors." Furthermore moral values such as honor, respect, faithfulness, and family all played massive roles in shaping the roman and people individually and the republic as a whole. Faithfulness to the Roman people meant to take responsibility to one's own commitments. Being faithful meant a lot of things to the Romans such as paying one's debt off and treating everyone justly pertaining to their social class. Faithfulness was also interconnected with value of respect. Respect as well had multiple meanings to the Roman people. This value was detailed as respecting one's self as well as their own family and above all the gods. In following all these "forms" of respect the Roman people had to do it with great discipline and purity. Never giving up or backing down from anything was also another part of respect. It was firmly believed in society that determination and overcoming life's obstacles were essential tools to possess. Living your life according to these values could get you the reward of honor. An example of these values in action is the patron-client system. According to Hunt, "The hierarchy of Roman society depended on the patron-client system." .
             So technically you could say the patron-client system depended on the moral values of the Roman people.

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