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Decriminalization of Cannabis

            "Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to.
             control a man's appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things.
             that are not crimes," stated Abraham Lincoln in a speech addressed to the.
             Illinois House of Representatives. It is unlawful to prohibit the use of.
             marijuana when there is no evident crime. For decades marijuana has been.
             frowned upon in accordance with the country's laws, but it is still widely.
             practiced and praised throughout the nation. The decriminalization of.
             marijuana may prove to be advantageous to a suffering economy in various.
             ways. The prohibition of marijuana proves to be more damaging to a nation.
             than the actual effects are for the individuals that use it, because the.
             prohibition of marijuana paradoxically evokes criminal activity, such as.
             unlawful distribution and robbery. While many claim that marijuana is an.
             addictive substance, studies show that marijuana has extremely mild if any.
             addictive properties at all. It is erroneous for states to discriminate in.
             opposition to marijuana when there are proven addictive and lethal.
             substances, such as nicotine and alcohol that remain readily available for.
             the public. Marijuana has proven to be very beneficial for therapeutic and.
             medicinal purposes. It costs the states millions of dollars yearly in.
             keeping marijuana prohibited while decriminalizing it could potentially.
             boost the economy by eliminating costs to incarcerate marijuana users, as.
             well as eradicating government funded programs for alleged marijuana.
             abusers placed there by the criminal justice system as an alternative to.
             prison. A shortcoming of the decriminalization of marijuana may be that it.
             can be more easily attained by children; however, marijuana may prove to be.
             more beneficial to society by reducing illogical criminal detention,.
             alleviating terminally ill patients, as well as encourage economic reform.
             Legalizing marijuana may significantly decrease the percentage of.

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