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             With the media and pop culture being constantly thrown at us everytime that we turn.
             around it is no wonder that drugs are such a major influence in our country and our.
             life styles today. And because drugs are seen everywhere, People know all about it,.
             or so they think they do. The most popular drug in todays society is that know as.
             marijuana. Many people have strong and different opinions about this topic, about.
             the laws surrounding it, and also about the misconceptions that we know.
             Weather you call it Hemp, Mary Jane, Pot, Weed; it doesn't matter. It is still.
             Cannabis Sativa, or cannabis for short. And it is still illegal. With an entire section.
             of the Criminal Code of Canada (Controlled Drugs & substance act) set out to keep.
             Canadians from using, growing, selling, and everything else to do with drugs. But to .
             changing times and differences these are always being amended. The largest is set to.
             take place this year. The DECRIMINALIZATION of marijuana.
             There is allot of ignorance in our society so I will clear up a few things. First,.
             decriminalization vs. legalization; .
             Decriminalize = to remove the criminal classification of, to no longer prohibit.
             Legalize = something based on or authorized by the law.
             With the new laws being pushed into senate is that anything under 1 ounce (31.
             grams) of marijuana for personal use and not the intent to sell, will no longer have.
             you thrown in jail and give you a criminal record, you will simply be given a ticket.
             to pay just like if caught speeding.
             There have been many heated debates about this, and it is becoming a huge.
             controversy. On the negative side, they say that our future generations of children.
             are going to be hooked on drugs and that our communities will become like many.
             low class, high crime cites that none of us want to live in. But on the plus side there.
             can be many new business that can help our economy, people with diseases that.
             need marijuana to relieve pain will be able to have it and not be hassled, and the.

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