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Marijuana Decriminalization

             Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that the prohibition of marijuana has only hurt out nation.
             Central Idea: Show that the decriminalization of marijuana is in our nations best interest; it is a valuable medicine with mild side effects like all medicine.
             Introduction: .
             I am going to ask everyone to close your eyes for just a brief moment. Which of your five senses do you consider most important, or which would you choose to keep if you could choose one that could not be taken from you. Your sense of hearing, your sense of touch, your sense of smell, your sense of taste or your sense of sight. I am sure that many of you would choose your sense of sight. Now you can open your eyes, but imagine all that you can see is that same darkness, and all that you will ever be able to see for the rest of your life is that same darkness. You will never get to see the faces of your friends or family again, no more rainbows, no more sunsets, just that same old mystifying darkness until the day you die. This happens to many Americans every year due to a certain condition. Imagine that you were one of those people and somebody told you about an herb that could slow and sometimes stop this condition, but like always, here is the catch; that herb is ill!.
             egal. So you would have to be willing to risk arrest, fines, court cost, property loss, incarceration, probation, and criminal records. And these are just the risks that you would have to take from a legal standpoint. The condition that I am talking about is glaucoma; it is the leading cause of blindness in the U.S. The herb that I am talking about is marijuana, which is very effective in treating this and many other serious conditions that I will discuss later. Through extensive, very thorough research I have learned why people view it as a gateway drug, and I will prove that marijuana decriminalization would not lead to an increase in use by our nations adolescents.

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