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The decriminalization of marijuana

            The decriminalization of marijuana, why has it not happened yet? Marijuana should be legalized in Canada, or at the least decriminalized. Marijuana can be used for medical use or personal use, and every year the government is cracking down on users, spending millions of the tax payers money. The decriminalization of marijuana is very important in Canadian society because then we may have more money for other government funded projects, and the United States of America will see they do not have complete control over Canada. Another really great reason that the government should decriminalize marijuana is that people with cancer, multiple scleroses, or many other diseases could get it immediately without having to wait for permission from parliament.
             The use of medical marijuana can be very important to a person with a serious terminal disease. While medical marijuana will not cure diseases, it will help the sick cope with pain, better then most other medications will. Here in Canada one does have access to medical marijuana, but only about 376 people have been authorized to possess marijuana, and applying for the use of medical marijuana will waste time for those who need it as soon as possible. To apply to the government for use of marijuana one must send out for an application, and then describe themselves, and their medical condition. The applicant must also say whether they would grow the pot, or buy it, and what other treatments they have tried to cure their disease or relieve their pain. This may all seem easy but, just think about how long this whole process could take, and just who gets to decide if someone is in enough pain to get access to marijuana? All applicants must fit into one of the governments three categories. Category one is for people who have a terminal illness, and have a prognosis of a life span of less then one-year. Category two is for people with diseases like Aids, cancer, multiple sclerosis, or a spinal injury or disease, which cause them extreme pain.

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