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Irony, Themes and Symbolism

            'A Good Man is Hard to Find' and 'Young Goodman Brown' are both stories that convey irony, theme, and symbolism. .
             The irony in A Good Man is Hard to Find is that the grandmother reads about the Misfit in the newspaper and tries to stop the family from driving to Florida because she wants to go to Tennessee. She goes on and on about the Misfit and warns them that he's on the loose. When she does not get her way she tells them that if they run into him it would be nothing but trouble. Which is exactly what happens. The family is in the worst possible situation and the grandmother just makes in worse. .
             After her whole family is murdered she continues on with her rant. The irony is that she seeks to save the Misfit and save her own life. In the end she realizes that she and the Misfit are the same and she ends up being saved by her own death. In the story Young Goodman Brown his wife Faith asks him to stay home with her because she has been troubled by some dreams. Although Brown feels bad about leaving Faith he leaves anyways. In leaving his wife Faith, he also leaves his faith in God he sets out to go visit the devil in the woods. Soon they begin to see other people on the path and he does not want them to notice him with the devil. Brown then realizes that all of his spiritual leaders are part of a sinful cult. Even his wife Faith is there to worship the devil, and then at that moment Brown loses all of his spiritual faith.
             The theme of A Good Man is Hard to Find can be described as the realization that there are no real pleasures in life and that you do not know how you will react until your put in a particular situation. The grandmother was a lady brought up in a well-mannered society therefore she only knew of the good in the world. She had no insight of the bad things that could happen to her because of her own selfish ways. When she meets the Misfit she is shocked when he changes her ideas about forgiveness and mercy.

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