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Compare the Birth Mark VS. Gattica

            When fantasy crosses over into reality one comes up with the perfect person. Perfection is striving to be without defect, which happens to be what the main characters in the story "The Birthmark" and the movie Gattaca are trying to achieve. Throughout life people are always striving to be the perfect football player, paper writer, man for that girl, or whatever else might be their dream even though it has been proven impossible for people to obtain perfection. If the world was full of perfect people, the world would have no flaws or problems which then reality as we know it would not exist. In the story "The Birthmark" and the movie Gattaca perfection is not portrayed as a reachable goal, but as a point people venture through a lifetime to reach. .
             Even though both stories are aiming to make different aspects of humanity perfect, they both are still questing for that flawless image. In "The Birthmark", Aylmer has a stunning wife that he thinks has, "come so nearly perfect from the hand of nature, that the slightest possible defect being the visible mark of earthy imperfections." In this passage Hawthorne is showing that the closer to perfection you are the harder people look for any imperfection in you then blow it out of proportion. This imperfection that he notices one day soon after their marriage starts to become the object of all his attention when he is in her presence or not. The "Crimson Hand" consumes his every thought because he was finally able to find a defect in his perfect wife. Since no person has the ability to be faultless, the removal of his wife's imperfection would no longer let her be even natural to the world, and therefore would take away her life in general because she would not be apart of our race. As the wife was imperfect in "The Birthmark", the same applies to Vincent from the movie Gattaca. In this movie, they were more technologically advanced. Machines could read the entirety of a person by telling what type of diseases, genetic defects, or any problems that they would be more prone to have as they got older in their life time.

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