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            Utopia: remote cabin on the beach, the kingship of a vast empire, .
             Nirvana; Heaven, the Happy Hunting Grounds, paradise, perfection. What .
             exactly is Utopia? According to Webster it is "1, an imaginary and indefinitely .
             remote place" or " 2, often capitalized : a place of ideal perfection esp. in laws, .
             government, and social conditions". Where is this perfect place? Will my dog .
             live forever there? Will I never grow old? If I never grow old there does that .
             mean I never mature? What if my idea of perfection differs from my neighbor .
             there, will it still be perfect for both of us? Utopia is a nonexistent, but .
             absolutely perfect place, as we can see from the beginning of the word in 1516 .
             by Sir Thomas More. More was one of Henry VIII's main councilors. He fell .
             out of favor with the king when he did not sign a letter urging the pope to .
             divorce Henry and Catherine. He was imprisoned in the Tower of London .
             because his going against the king was treason; he was beheaded. It is strange .
             that a man with such a life, and such an end, was the creator of the perfect .
             world as well as a commonly used word in our language. In his writings Utopia .
             was a place of absolute perfection. He described a poor king who cared more .
             about the riches of his people than his own welfare, much different than the .
             dystopia that he lived his life in. This Utopia of More sounds very similar to that .
             that Gonzalo speaks of in Shakespeare's Tempest "All things in common nature .
             should produce without sweat or endeavor. Treason, felony, Sword, pike, .
             knife, gun, or need for any engine Would I not have; but nature should bring .
             forth of it own kind, all foison, all abundance, to feed my innocent people".
             (Shakespeare 334) There have been many attempted Utopias. One of these .
             can be seen in the book Brave New World. This book takes place on earth in .
             the future. In this future everything is dominated by science and technology. .
             There is no Religion or art.

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