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Blood-Pressure and Anger

            We all have experienced anger or aggression many times in our lives.
             It may be easier for some people than it is for others. Many .
             studies show that it is healthy to let anger out once in a while. It is believed that releasing our anger in moderation will help better our relationship with others. It is also believed that holding in our anger can affect our health in a negative way. Sometimes, holding anger in for a long period of time can hurt - or even kill someone. If we can learn to control our anger, our lives will be safer and more peaceful. From my own experience, many of the generalizations researchers have made about anger are actually true. .
             I see blood pressure and angry people as synonyms. I have a 70 year old grand-father who frequently gets angry for small reasons. Now, he's diagnosed with high blood pressure and the doctor told him to stay away from stressful environments. Similar to my grandfather, I have a friend who just turned 23 and she's a firecracker. She's very impatient, always speaks before she thinks, and criticizes everyone she comes into contact with. On a Super Bowl weekend, we went to a Safeway store to do a little shopping. We saw a free blood pressure machine next to the pharmacy and we decided to try it for fun. When she checked her blood pressure, we both were shocked. Her pressure was so high that I thought she broke the machine. So I tried it and everything was normal. I had her try it again, and sure enough, she was in the heart attack and stroke category. I wondered how high her blood pressure would be if she were angry and in a bad mood. She has yet to see a doctor, but is scheduled to see one. It is reported by blood pressure updates that "high blood pressure and anger are closely associated" and "is a very serious health problem that demands immediate attention". .
             Secondly, in the article, "The Great Catharsis Debate" the way Freudian psychologists pointed out .

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