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12 Angry men

             In the play "Twelve Anger Men" there is a lot of times where the jurors get angry. There are only two jurors in the play that we do not really see get upset they are number 2 and the Foreman. .
             Number three gets angry right from the beginning of the play. In act one he get mad because number 8 doesn't agree the boy is guilty. We know that is upset by the way he uses his word. Another time that number 3 get upset is when, all on the jurors change there mind about the boy being guilty. We can tell he is mad because in the brackets beside the phrase it says "angrily". .
             Number four stays calm until the third act when number ten says stuff about poor people having no feelings so they become murderers, so he get angry and says " I've had enough. If you open your moth again, I"m going to split your skull." We know he is angry because of him say, " I've had enough".
             Number five gets mad in act one when number the jurors are talking about the boy becoming a murderer because of living an poor community, so he stands up and tells everyone that he had lived the slums his hole life. After that the foreman says " There is nothing personal" and he says " There is something personal". We know he get mad at this point because in the brackets it say, " fists clenched". .
             Number six only seems to get a little mad through the play and it is only once it is in act 3. He tells the rest of the jurors to sit down. .
             Number seven get mad right from the start because he has game tickets to "The Seven Year Itch" and doesn't want to be a juror. When he get mad for the first time it's near the end of act one. He says, " Would you sit down already". He gets mad again in act 3 he says, " What do you mean I don't understand it? Who do your think you are to talk to me like that? How do you like this guy? He comes over here running for his life, and before he can even take a big breath he's telling us how to run the show.

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