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Accultration Process for Immigrants

            For new incoming immigrants living in a new society they will begin the acculturation processes, adaption and assimilation. Acculturation can be defined as groups of individuals having different cultures that come into continuous first hand contact with subsequent changes in the original culture patterns (Berry, 1997). When describing acculturation processes it is referring to the changes that a group or individual will encounter by getting accustomed to a new culture change. Assimilation means that when immigrants have fully integrated themselves into a new culture such as the socioeconomic status, geographic distribution and second language attainment. Many immigrants such as the following being discussed are the Koreans and Iranians have certain acculturation strategies to help them cope with a new culture change. However, by discussing and researching adult immigrants researcher would like to understand the immigrant children by being accustomed and exposed to the new culture change?.
             In the J.W. Berry (1992), article he explains that migration leads to psychological and social problems, which is any subject of change there could be positive or negative outcomes in the adaption process. However, many researchers are aware of the issue in adapting to a new culture. The researcher Berry (1992) discovers certain steps that can be accounted for leading a positive adaption process for new immigrants. The researcher Berry (1992) studies the Acculturation process in migration and defines it as culture change that results from experiencing two distinct cultural groups for the first time (Redfield et.al.1936). The researcher Berry (1992) explains six changes that occur during acculturation. The first change is physical such as moving into a new place and increasing population density (Berry, 1992). The second change is biological, for example, a new nutritional status and overcoming new diseases (Berry, 1992).

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