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Italian immigrants

            People said "The United States was built by immigrants, many seeking a new .
             life in a new land" and I think it is true. From 1820 to 1930, the United States .
             received about 60% of the world's immigrant. More than any other southern and .
             eastern Europe countries, Italians have migrated to United States because of poverty, .
             overpopulation, and natural disaster back in their homeland. At the beginning of .
             1870s, the population pressure became severe, especially in Messogiorno, the .
             southern and poorest province of Italy. Moreover, southerners also suffered from a .
             scarcity of cultivatable land, soil erosion, and deforestation. Most of the Italian .
             immigrants left their country because landlords had control of land and they charged .
             high rent, paid low wages, and didn't offer stable employment. Most of all, their .
             government didn't offer much hope for personal improvement. The government was .
             dominated by northerners, and as a result, southerners were hurt by high taxes and .
             protective tariffs. Italian mass migration began as early as 1872, 7 millions had .
             arrived the United States. I think that one of the reasons why the number of Italian .
             immigrants increased rapidly was by chain migration which is a process whereby .
             immigrants who arrived in America acted as personal labors agents and told their .
             families and friends where and when jobs were available. There were also reports .
             issued by Italian government contained bare statement for working short hours, but .
             receiving a huge amount of money. Because of these, Italian immigrants saw .
             American as a land full of opportunities, a place where they can easily find jobs right .

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