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The Dangers of Texting and Driving

            Texting and driving has been a popular topic for the past couple of years. The National Council on Public Safety has recently issued a plea to ban all cell phone uses for drivers. They argued proof demonstrating an increase in accidents and fatalities because drivers were texting or talking while driving. Due to the serious harm cell phone use can cause while driving, laws to ban cell phone use while driving should be executed. In doing so, accidents will be prevented and lives will be saved. Teenagers are ignorant to the dangers of texting and driving therefore, it is the states responsibility to create laws for the people in order to protect its citizens. .
             Texting or talking on a cell phone while driving is a huge distraction and can cause serious harm to not only to you but also to others on the road. Texting particularly, takes away the one thing that everyone uses while behind the wheel, his or her vision. The risk you take while taking your eyes off the road for a split second can cause you a lifetime of pain, suffering and regret. God forbid, it can even take away a life or two. It doesn't matter where the cell is located; whether it is on the dashboard or the steering wheel, your eyes are not where they have to be in order to drive safely. The driver eyes are required to be on the road at all times. However, texting takes that away. Many believe that just a quick peep at your cell phone is harmless but all it takes is just one second for the car in front of you to hit complete breaks. In that second of looking at your cell, a accident may occur. Depending on the situation it can be fatal. One day, I was driving my mother's car and I got a text message from my friend asking me what I had plan for that night. I wasn't on the main road and the car in front of me was relatively ahead. As I looked down to simply read the message with no intention to text back while driving, I found myself ditching a hole in the road and crashed into another car.

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