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Slavery in Revolutionary Time

            Slavery was a method of owning human beings which was started in colonial time in America but initially land owner used indenture servants but as indenture servants declined due to harsh conditions, land owner started purchasing slaves who were transported from Africa. The populations of slaves started to grow after 1700's. Most political leaders consciously choose to ignore the relationship between political slavery to Great Britain and the enslavement of blacks for own economic well being, so slavery lasted for several decades. However, slaves were caught up in the drama of revolutionary idea, so they started to fight for their freedom. After the Revolution, there were efforts here and there to reduce slave trade. .
             Thus, the Revolutionary War was a beginning of slavery movement. The Revolutionary War was fought, so there would be freedom for all, and there should be freedom for all no matter what race or color. During the revolution era, legislatures in the north abolished slavery over lengthened period and in 1787 the Northwest Ordinance outlawed slavery (Jeweet). After the revolution, there were thousands of free slaves in the south, but it did not stop the southerners from having slaves. However, many Southerners thought differently, they needed the slaves to work for them and without them they would have to do the work themselves or pay someone to do it. The southerners fought for the legalization of slavery to the very end. Overtime African American lifestyle changed drastically, and African American men and women created new lives for themselves. Thus, the revolution has affected lives of African slaves by various ways.
             The Revolution was highly disruptive to the institution of slavery. The Northern states also started to abolish slavery and they passed several laws for freeing slaves. As an example, Connecticut was the first state which undermined slavery during the revolution.

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