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Children's Development and Divorce

            Many children live in the midst of divorce and many researchers are trying to understand how .
             The purpose of my study is to see how divorce affects children in their .
             social development. Many researchers have come to theorize that divorce has many side effects .
             to children. This research shows that social development can be altered in children when they go .
             through divorce situations amongst their families. Researchers conduct studies to show families .
             views on divorce throughout multiple countries. This study proves that individual's personal .
             views on divorce are not approved of when children are involved. Children that grow up throw a .
             divorced family start showing signs of poor social development and struggle to develop natural .
             skills needed. Families that grow up in poverty are at higher risk of divorce. Poverty not only .
             demonstrates financial issues in the parents, but issues in parent-to-child relations and social .
             development skills. Researchers also provide information for causes of divorce, how it effects .
             social development and provide experimental data that explains these results. .
             Many people may not fully understand the process of divorce and the causes. They may think .
             that divorce just generally creates problems for children but not exactly knowing how. Divorce is .
             an unfortunate occurrence that is increasing amongst many families, but how can divorce exactly .
             affect a child? Many researchers have theorized that divorce can cause issues with social .
             development in children. With additional studies divorce is examined throughout many different .
             countries to gather different views. Divorce can be very complex and children can react to it in .
             many different ways. Whether it affects emotional stability, academic performances, or social .
             development there is research that directly links divorce with poor social development. .
             So, what exactly causes a divorce? Many people may think that divorce is just a result of marital .

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