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Shall We Tell the President?

             one evening the FBI learn of a plot to kill the President - the 1,572nd such threat of the year." These lines had intrigued me to read this brilliant novel by Jeffery Archer. There is not much explicit action, but there is certainly plenty of intrigue, and several unexpected deaths. Archer draws on his own political experience and knowledge to portray the life of politicians, the work of Congress, and the difficulties in passing the controversial bill that forms the backdrop of the novel.
             "Shall We Tell the President" revolves around a conspiracy to kill the US President Edward Kennedy. This man has finally achieved everything that he hoped to - he has been elected as President of the United States of America. He hopes that his legacy will be in his Gun Control bill that he is pushing through Congress. But there are a lot of people who are opposed to the legislation -even people who want to kill Edward in order to kill the bill. FBI agent Mark Andrews knows that there is going to be a presidential assassination, but he doesn't know the who, when, where, or how.
             He only has six days to figure out who wants the President to be killed. He doesn't know who he can trust. He doesn't know anything except that he must divert this possible assassination.
             "Shall We Tell the President" is a highly readable book, well-paced and fast-moving thriller. Archer's approach to the suspense thriller is still intriguing today, even though he first published the novel in 1977. In "Shall We Tell the President" Archer does not give the reader time to become.
             bored. The plot races forward with increasing speed until the ultimate climax that leaves the reader breathless and wanting more. Archer's prose is straightforward, the sentences clear and the plot construction easy to follow.
             The characters themselves are believable as well. The protagonist, FBI Special Agent Mark Andrews, is both believable and relatible. Mark Andrews is the young, resourceful hero who is equally good at conducting political research, finding exit from difficult situations or at charming Elizabeth Dexter.

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