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I Believe

             "I believe it is essential that when we see a threat, we deal with those threats before they become imminent. It's too late if they become imminent. It's too late in this kind of war, so that's why I made the decision I made." A statement that was made by President Bush on NBC's Meet the Press. " So that's why I made the decision I made" President Bush said. In the Constitution the fore work for America, and not one person to go to war was clearly stated that Congress, not the President has the power to declare war on another country. President Bush clearly didn't follow the guidelines, which had been set before him and should be punished in one way or another. The way our government is set up a President should have a good cause, have permission, and be given the permission to go to war before troops are deployed. .
             In my opinion to go to war there must be with out the shadow of a doubt that this is in the best interest of the country. You can't rely on so called sources and what they"re telling you, and not have any sort of hard facts to back up your claim. Evidence is easier for the public to believe than a person saying "I think that they are developing weapons", and basing your entire reason for sending thousands of young men and women to die fighting a fight that shouldn't be fought in the first place. Usually when America engages in an attack against another country there will be overwhelming evidence to support the need to go there and take part in the confrontation. For instance more recently, the situation in Yugoslavia with Slobodan Milosevic. President Clinton knew what was going on there, but had to wait to gather enough evidence and wait for Congress" approval before sending bombers into the region. There are many other cases in which a President may have wanted to go into a country but they followed the proper protocol. President Bush on the other hand didn't have enough evidence to substantiate his claim, of there being an imminent threat in Iraq.

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