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            Is there a time in your life that you think something may not be important to you just because someone said it wasn't? Well don't you think if there was something that you thought was important and you gave up on it, don't you might just be missing out on something good. You have to remind your self that something may seem pointless to other people but to someone else it's a treasure waiting to be unveiled. Is there hope within our heart to keeps your children today hope and knowing they can do anything that they can set their mind too.
             As you"re a young kid, you are taught to believe in many thing in Christmas, toothfairy, Easter bunny in also most every holiday there was something to believe in. Even you believed in your dreams not matter what you said no one ever shut you down as that idea not being good, or that it would never come true. What happen why did we set your culture as you as you hit a certain age you had to stop believing in everything? Now how is that fair, how are you going to get through life when everything you thought was true was one wasn't just because you hit a certain age. I do believe if we keep our children believing in everything no matter how old they are, they would achieve and believe in them selves more. Why are we making our kids grow up so fast and ask your self-wow they grew up fast. .
             Well think about you the parents are doing it all to them selves. We tell our kids not to get in trouble. We look at people funny when they talk to them selves. But when was the last time you looked funny at a little kid for talking to they imaginary friend. We don't even question it. But when a grown man has an imaginary we put him in a mental hospital. Now how are we going to tell our children to believe in themselves and everyone when they see uncle bill in restraint because of his friends that no one can see? Now we they grow up they are sopped to forget all the good times they have as being a little kid and start believing in big kid dreams.

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