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I Believe

            I was playing videogames with my cousin when I remembered that I had a project to pass for logic (this subject). I needed a self-help book! I immediately put down my controller and started to scan around the room. As I scampered around, I came upon this CD entitled Chrono Cross, which was one of my favorite videogames. My cousin even had a book (a written version of the game). I figured that I could use this for my project! I was awed and amazed with this game, which dealt with love, hate, friendship, and making decisions, which have their own consequences. There's even this catchy poem at the intro that lingers with me up until now. The poem goes like this:.
             "When was the start of all this?.
             When did the cogs begin to turn?.
             Perhaps it's impossible to grasp the answer now.
             Yet deep within the flow of time .
             For a certainty back then,.
             We loved so many.
             Yet hated so much.
             We hurt others and we hurt ourselves.
             Yet even then,.
             We ran like the wind.
             Whilst our laughter echoed under cerulean skies-.
             What creativity! What poetry! But then, you wake up to reality. How could you relate with such?.
             Then I came upon another videogame, which was again one of my favorites. It was an epic adventure that dealt with swords, spears, guns, and the church. Yes, the church! This game dealt with issues regarding church leaders, church teachings and the like. It questioned the existence of God or if whether man could over power God, which made this a very controversial game in 1998. Wow! Very heady stuff. This would be good for my project in Logic, I said to myself. But alas! The game had no written version! What would I submit? A CD copy of the game? So that idea was thrown out of the window.
             Then one faithful day at the house of my uncle (where I live by the way), I had nothing to do so I borrowed something to read from Melinda, my cousin who is also a student of yours sir. Well she gave me a book, not exactly a book but a comic book (hehe).

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