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Leadership Style Paper

             The employees at Buff It Up just like the customers we serve: diverse, ambitious and hard working. It would not be accurate to say that one particular leadership style could satisfy all employees and at the same time, get the varied number of tasks accomplished. When looking at the spectrum of general leadership styles, we considered two polar opposites. On one end, we saw a very structured, low-people oriented, task-driven leader. At the other end of the spectrum was the leader who sought employee satisfaction at any cost. Obviously, these styles are going to be ineffective in accomplishing our goals and leaders like these are not desirable. Buff It Up is proud of its leaders throughout the company because they all share a common theme; attain the company's goals while maintaining high employee moral. .
             Every department that comprises Buff It Up will display a different leadership style. No two departments share the same type of workload, so the leaders deal with their people differently to accomplish the work that needs to be done. Not only is the workload varied between departments, but so too are the types of people who work in those departments. Matching the type of work to be done with the employee characteristics is critical to department success. The following descriptions will show how Buff It Up's leaders differ in their styles.
             At the forefront of our operation is our CEO. His leadership style is autocratic. He solves any problems that come about and makes decisions alone. His primary focus is the strategic goal of the company: to double membership and open three new facilities within 3 years. The autocratic leadership style suits this position best because it is a position of high power. The decision to expand our organization was made solely by our CEO. He gathered information from each of his subordinates and decided that it was time to expand. The success of our company is due, in large part, to the drive, desire, honesty, integrity, self-confidence, and business acumen of our CEO.

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